Jul 6, 2010

The Saddest Post

I know there are sadder things in the world  but right now I am overwhelmed.

My Gypsy is broken!!!!!

So here I was at home, Just finished putting my daughter to bed, when I decided to work on some projects. I  had stayed up till almost 4am last night just inspired with mountains of creativity spewing out of me. Literally could not sleep until I had it all planned in my gypsy.

I start making what was going to be a fantastic card, I go to plug my gypsy into my machine and then I hear a snap ( I was even actually using the USB cord that my gypsy came with  because my daughter was playing with the extra long one). The USB port breaks off INSIDE my gypsy. IF you shake it, it rattles..

*****Graphic images*****

Now I have a naked card in need of awesome cricut cut outs.

The sad thing is. I'm going to lose all my files, and my templates and projects I have planned. Since I have no way of even downloading them to my computer. I have to old fashioned way, sit and write down what I used and what size and what cartridge. I sometimes use 4-5 cartridges in one sitting. Not to mention that there is no gypsy wanderings Cartridge. And I use a ton of those shapes.

I'm so sad.  So please be extra nice when I post my next few videos because I'm already dissapointed for the lack of welding.

I talked to PC, they will replace it, and I can relink my cartridges to it, but still... what am i going to do for 2 weeks!

 I will keep making projects, but the old fashioned way using my cartridges! Boo :(

In need of hugs now  :(


Jlkozar said...

Sending BIG hugs your way!

Sarah said...

aww...so sorry! Sending hugs your way! :)

Scortez1227 said...

I am soooo sorry for your lose....:(

Krisstel said...

Oh this is so terrible!!!! You might want to invest in the Design Studio... So happy that Provo Craft would actually replace it :)

ivette said...

Cristina how sad... but is good that it will be replace and able to re-link the cartridges..
The sad part is the files.. cosas de la vida.. amiga.. cojelo suave..

The biggest hug from your latin scrap diva friend Ivette...

Jamie Y. said...

So sad! I got my Gypsy on Friday and couldn't get the updates. I really think it ruined my holiday. :) I swear it kept staring at me! Hope you get your new one soon!!

Cristina Garcia said...

I know. That's the main thing I'm sad about is the files! I guess I will have to start backing them up on my computer now. I am excited though to get a shiny new gypsy, my other one was used too much and dusty and just worn with love

Cristina Garcia said...

I know! It's times like this I wish I has DS and like a few jukeboxes, but that's not in the bank for me. Unless PC wants to donate to me hahaha! The gypsy is under warranty for 12 months. and I only got mine in February

Daladypej said...

I can relate! I had the same thing happen to me but luckily for me it was when I first got my gypsy and hadn't linked or saved anything to it. But for me it was traumatic because I had waited over a week for it to arrive and the very first time I used it, it broke! So, I had to wait for it to arrive again! But hang in there and keep your chin up.

Lori Harrison said...

OMG! I just got my little fella a few weeks ago and I would already be lost without it! just keep up a good face and know that he has gone on to a better place and your new one will be GREAT! sorry its all i can come up with at the moment!

LeAnn said...

Oh, I am so SORRY!
That is just sad! And no amount of sorrys can fix it!
It is like when your computer dies and there go all of your pictures!
I hope things will get better!

Kricut Krazy said...

I am one of the Cricut Army Demonstrators and while we were in class one of the Provo people told us that if something happens to your gypsy, when you send it to them they take everything (including projects) from your broken gypsy and put it on your new gypsy - EVERYTHING. Everyone was so excited to hear that. So hang in there, you'll have a brand new baby soon and it will already be loaded with all your fun and creativity!

Glenda S said...

You poor thing! I took the extended warrenty out on mine just in case anything like this ever happens! At least they can fix your problem and you will have your Cricut back in no time.